The Importance of Call Center in the Philippines

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines started back in the early 1990s with a number of companies that offered non-voice and software-related services such as software application development, system design, data entry and email support. These companies started to offer other services such as teleservices in response to their clients with voice requirements. Clients who wanted their customers’ concerns addressed directly and promptly through technical support and customer care services employed the services of a call center in the Philippines. Many contact centers also started offering travel and financial services, both of which are customer relations services. The services being offered by call centers in the Philippines became essential in the development of the country’s call center and BPO industry and in defining its important role in the outsourcing industry worldwide.

Many foreign companies are aware of the advantages that a call center in the Philippines will bring to their businesses. A company that decides to hire a contact center in the country will be able to focus more on its core competencies. By transferring most customer relations services to a contact center equipped with the necessary technology and skilled and knowledgeable agents, the client company can make the most out of its investment since it can now focus more on advertising, marketing and improving its sales and products.
Lower operational and labor costs are among the many advantages that hiring a call center in the Philippines can give to a company. These foreign businesses are aware of the fact that contact centers can provide the same kind and level of customer service at lower costs. They will not spend as much money when hiring a call center in the Philippines as they would if they hired and trained customer support agents themselves and paid for overhead costs.

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Another good reason for foreign businesses to get the services of a call center in the Philippines is the Philippine government’s support for the IT and BPO industries. The government is focused on expanding its already large talent pool by providing individuals with free training and seminars that will equip them with the skills needed to meet the demands of the BPO industry.

The importance of call centers in the Philippines is further established when companies come to realize that they can attract and maintain customers more efficiently if they employ the services of an excellent contact center. As mentioned, contact centers offer different types of services such as sales verification, customer service, surveys and technical support. Most of these are services that companies need in order to attract more customers and maintain or improve customer relationships. Through these services and by using the information a call center in the Philippines gathers, they will be able to learn how to serve their customers better by improving their products or services.

Many foreign businesses are aware that the Philippines has a big talent pool composed of highly educated individuals, most of whom are fluent in spoken English (the country being the third largest English-speaking country in the world). This makes the country an ideal and important offshore outsourcing destination for these foreign businesses. Unlike other BPO companies located in other countries, customer support or technical support agents working in a call center in the Philippines will require little training when it comes to speaking English. Most of the time, training related to the English language only requires accent neutralization.

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BPO companies and call centers in the Philippines do not only pose advantages for foreign businesses but also give great benefits to the country. The emergence of business process outsourcing has created jobs in the country and has generated some $7.3 billion in total industry revenues in 2009 alone. This year, call centers, BPO companies and KPO firms are expected to generate more jobs and industry revenues, as well as expand its hold on the global outsourcing market.

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Your Call Center In The Philippines
If you’re in business, you’ve probably heard the talk about using Call Centers in the Philippines and have wondered exactly what your Call Center In The Philippines could do for you. The short answer is…”A lot!”

But let’s be more specific about the exact benefits, OK?

For one thing, because the Philippines is on a completely different time zone than the continental US, having a Call Center in The Philippines means your business would never have to ‘go to sleep’ in the evening. While all your US employees go home to enjoy an evening with the family, your Call Center Philippines could be making calls in the evening across all US time zones (assuming this is appropriate for your product or service of course)to set appointments for the next day.

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Of course appointment setting isn’t the only thing your Call Center in the Philippines can do. They can also do Customer Tech Support, Help Desk Support, Inbound Upselling, Inbound Telemarketing, Live Chat Sales, Email Support, Claim Processing and…..etc.

We know that money doesn’t grow on trees and your business is tough going today. We know that your customers are demanding better products and services and better service. Sure, it sounds contradictory but that’s the reality, right?

Using a call center can be one of the main answers to that problem because so much of the perceived value your customers get from your company is based on the impressions they get from your employees or representatives.

Todays high-tech communication means that you can have anywhere from 5 to 500 loyal, enthusiastic, courteous, call center agents ‘on your team’, even though they’re a half way around the globe, for pennies-on-the-dollar of equivalent stateside services (depending on the size of your need of course).

Call Center agents in the Philippines, even though Philippines wages are minimal in comparison to US wages, highly prize their jobs and love coming to work and their work environment. This is why so many big, name brand companies have been outsourcing as much as possible of their daily operations abroad (especially to the Philippines) for years now.

The fact is that almost canada pharmacy online cialis free trial canadian pharmacy viagra anything that can be done via the phone can be done from the Philippines. Selling or straight administrative and clerical work…it doesn’t make any different. Why wouldn’t you want to save 30-60% on what you pay for those tasks?