Call Center in the Philippines – Why Manila?

With the recent explosive growth of the call center industry in the Philippines, a lot of business leaders are coming to the Philippines to see these new high-tech telecommunication centers that are becoming so vital to their stateside profitability.  One of the questions call center managers in the Philippines constantly entertain is, “Why are all the big name call centers in the Philippines located in Manila?”

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The short answer is, “That’s the way it evolved.” But the details are more interesting.  The reason all the biggest and best call centers in the Philippines chose to base in Manila (the country’s capital) is because they can do the best job for their US clients by taking advantage of all the resources that exist in the Manila area.

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The call center industry actually started in India during the 1980’s.  Later, when some call center operators considered branching out by moving part of their operations to the Philippines, they did so primarily because they knew the cost of labor was lower.  But there were other reasons they chose Manila.

Obviously, one would expect to find the best infrastructure in a country’s capital city and that was exactly the situation that existed in Manila at the time.  Although it’s not the case currently, during the late 70’s and 80’s, the Philippines had one of the most vibrant economies in SE Asia.  Part of the reason was because us the US military presence.

The big US naval base in nearby Olongapo and Subic Bay area meant that there was already an established high-tech communications infrastructure and lots of Filipinos who were trained to operate those facilities.  Slightly north of Subic Bay was Clark Air Force Base, one of the largest US Air Force bases in the world. Much of this technology and many of these personnel later migrated into various facets of the call center industry in the Philippines and Manila area.

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90% of the country’s best and most prestigious colleges, universities and trade schools also base in Manila.   Filipino culture puts a high value on education even though the country itself (before the advent of the call center industry in the Philippines) didn’t really have enough high paying opportunities to fully employ them.

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In the early years of growth of the call center industry in the Philippines, it was totally no problem to find call center recruits who spoke very good English.  Most of the laid-off employees from the disappearing US military related jobs where still on the job market and were eager to go back to work.  Especially in work that helped them maintain their contact with the American culture they’d grown accustomed to.

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Nowadays the call center personnel managers have to give even better benefits and working conditions to attract call center agents with good English.  These agents know their English proficiency is in high demand.  The people who run the call centers in the Philippines know that a job in a city like Manila, where there’s so much to do for fun, is going to be a lot more attractive than a call center job out ‘in the sticks’ in the provinces (even if the cost of living is much lower).

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Call centers recruit over 10% of the graduating classes of most of the good Manila institutions of higher learning.  And they also even recruit from schools outside of Manila too.  A lot of those graduates are eager for a chance to move to and work in call centers in Manila.

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