Human Resources Philosophy and Customer Satisfaction

At Piton-Global we have what we believe is a unique management philosophy. We believe that the objective side of our value proposition, i.e. our infrastructure triple redundancy, our large investment in technology and ultra modern facilities is only 50% of our unique value proposition. The other 50%, and perhaps the most important part, is our unique human resources philosophy.

From Day-1 at Piton-Global all of our employees and managers knew that we were in the business for the long-haul and that each and every one of us would share in the challenges and rewards this industry had to offer. Since those early days we’ve endeavored to create and maintain an environment where each employee knows that their efforts and input is valued and respected.

What this means to our employees is that their level of commitment to our customers goes well above and beyond the ‘norm’. What it means to our clients is that they get problem solvers who are not only very technically qualified but also very customer-centric and willing to be creative when the need arises.

At Piton-Global you’ll never get the impression that any of our employees think, “Well, that’s not my job.” In fact, from top to bottom, all of our employees, managers and executives know that customer satisfaction is everybody’s job because Piton-Global belongs to all of us.

When we’re on your team as a services provider, you have a services team who takes your business very seriously and measures our success not just in terms of revenue but also in terms of how well you enjoy the experience of letting us partner with you.