At Piton, degrees are important but…….

At Piton, we also have a unique human resources perspective. Most other call centers in Manila and the Philippines tout the fact that their employees are required to have a college degree. But we asked ourselves a question: “In the US, does having a college degree guarantee that an employee is going to be a better, more productive employee than somebody without a degree?”

The obvious answer is “No…it doesn’t.” Everybody knows that internal motivation is the most critical factor in individual achievement whether it’s as an employee, a manager or even at the executive level. As they say ‘down South’ in the US, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but rather the size of the fight in the dog” that makes the difference on who wins.

Most of our employees at Piton do have college degrees but about 30% of them don’t. We think that’s OK because we’ve found that often employees without degrees are more eager to work and to make a contribution than employee with degrees.

In contrast, oftentimes employees with degrees are the one who expect to get paid for their degree rather than for what they contribute to the company. This is a problem even in developed countries in the West.
Many companies in the Philippines BPO/Call Center industry nowadays have serious problems with turnover because, just as in the US. Experience shows that oftentimes employees with degrees are those most apt to be thinking more of their careers than the long term goals of the company. They’re the ones most likely to ‘move on’ when they find a better offer.

That’s why at Piton we very carefully screen each applicant for long term goals and make it clear that there’s plenty of room at the top for them if they’ll grow with our company. We find that employees without degrees, assuming they have the level of English competency that we require, are often the most appreciative of the opportunity they have for growth with our company and therefore work as well or better than employees with degrees.

For you, our prospective client, this means that you get employees and managers who know they’re accountable for results both short term and long term. In the end, everybody wins……your consumers that our agents talk to on the phone as they service your accounts, your company itself as you experience the exceptional ROI that we provide, our employees as they grow and mature in our industry and our company as we grow via the reputation for superlative service that we provide.