Infrastructure: Definition, Importance, Cost and Benefit.

If you’re shopping for call center service providers you’ll be hearing the word ‘infrastructure’. But let’s be clear on exactly what the word means and why it’s important.

Infrastructure refers to the way the technical and non-technical part of the facility is built out……such things as the reception area, the break room(s), the cafeteria, the agents’ cubicles, the server rooms, the training rooms, internal security, traffic patterns, etc. All these things are part of the work environment.

Within the call center industry, there are ‘best practices’ of infrastructure. Well designed infrastructure costs money but when understood in proper context to productivity it’s well worth it.

Infrastructure is important because it affects how efficiently the job gets done. It’s important to realize that properly designed infrastructure determines the maximum efficiency of the facility and the likelihood of productivity. More simply stated, it’s easier to work within well designed infrastructure.

Since well planned and built infrastructure is so important and valuable, it’s an important factor to look for when you’re shopping for call center services. Realize however that all facilities are not planned and designed equally well. This is why it’s a good idea to have some idea of what you’re looking for.

As the potential profitability of call centers has become more apparent, more small to medium sized players have gotten into the business. Unfortunately some of them have little or no real experience or competence in the industry and not only do they not know how to manage a call center to get results but their facility has such badly designed infrastructure that their potential productivity is severely limited.

This is why at Piton our internal metrics are so high. Since our management comes from some of the biggest and best-known brands in the industry, our facility was designed from inception to be state-of-the-art.
Within the industry, good employees, management and executive are attracted to good infrastructure and that’s why Piton has and continues to attract and retain such high level competency at all levels.