Piton Employees…….all-day English

If you walk around most call centers in the Philippines you’ll notice that their operators are speaking English to their clients on the phone (sometimes even very good English) but speaking Tagalog (the Filipino national language) to each other and in the break rooms. That’s not the case at Piton.

At Piton, you’ll notice that English is spoken almost 100% of the time even for social chat amongst our employees. In the Philippines, because of the long and close cultural affinity and shared history between the Philippines and the US, it’s very common for average people to understand English…..especially in the cities.
However you’ll notice that even in the cities, where companies create a big demand for employees to use English, employees often don’t express themselves in English as well as they understand it. That’s not the case at Piton.

At Piton, we’ve created “English Only Zones” wherein we encourage our employees to use English 100% of the time while they’re at work. Over time, as employees work in our company, their English gets better and better and that’s why we often get compliments on how helpful they are. Our customers very often give high praise to their experiences with our operators because of their excellent English and the level of language ‘connection’ our operators create with our clients.