Call Center Philippines – In the Heart of Manila

When somebody mentions ‘call center Philippines’ it doesn’t bring much of a visual to mind for most people. Fact is though, that the call center business in the Philippines is almost entirely in Manila, the nation’s capital.

Manila itself is a city that most people don’t know much about. And they don’t realize that it’s actually is one of the world’s largest cities. So large, in fact, that it’s divided up into sub-cities…much like New York City. One subsection in particular, Makati, is home to the majority of call centers in the city.

Pick almost any block in Makati, in the Philippines, and you’ll find a substantial number of the buildings hour a call center. It’s actually a mark of pedigree for a call center in the Philippines to be located in Makati. While smaller call centers do exist, the average call center in Makati, Philippines is rather large. Some of them employ well over 500 agents simultaneously in just one location.

To have one of these jobs working in a call center in Manila, Philippines, in a nice building downtown, with nice restaurants all around, nice shops, air conditioning, among other educated people, in a company with good benefits is one of the best jobs a young college graduate in the Philippines can have.

Makati however isn’t the only part of Manila where you’ll find a call center in the Philippines. Other areas of Manila where call centers have sprouted up include Ortigas, Eastwood and The Fort. The Philippines government has gone to special lengths to incentivize call center industry development in these other areas of Manila.

Some of these areas were already populous but others, like Eastwood for example, as little at 10 years ago were barely populated at all. Today you look around and see upper middle class shopping areas, stores, cafes, restaurants, electronics stores in every direction. The commercial areas are themselves surrounded by tall, modern office buildings and apartment buildings that cater primarily to the many call centers of the Philippines that have operations in the area.

In Eastwood in particular, the local economy in these areas tends to run 24/7 because working hours of the call center in the Philippines tends to follow daylight hours in their client countries of the development, English speaking world.

All of this makes a call center in the Philippines a remarkable place to work and a remarkable institution…all in mighty Manila, Philippines…the place that most people know very little about.