Call Center Philippines – The New Answer

More and more now, having a call center in the Philippines is the answer to US companies looking to maintain profitability by lowering expenses and increasing sales. Establishing a call center in the Philippines is, perhaps more so than any other single decision a business owner could make, the easiest way to save a lot of money immediately and also increase sales efficiency.

Phone selling has been around for a long time. So as telephone based customer services. Outsourcing either or both of these tasks to hard-working call center agents in the Philippines generally is an immediate savings of 30-60% compared to similar functions sourced stateside. Outsourcing outbound customer service, telemarketing, data verification or anything else that’s normally done over the phone can be easily done by Filipino callcenter agents. All companies have to do is search on Google for ‘Lead Generation Philippines and the list of leading outsourcing providers will come up.

Most US companies have already pulled just about every rabbit out of the hat that they could. They tried all the traditional approaches to lowering expenses and increasing profitability. They’ve tried different kinds of advertising. Many of them have tried ‘the internet’. They tried expanding their product line. They’ve tried specializing in their product line. They’ve tried working longer hours. You name it…they’ve tried it.

Most of them have heard about the concept of outsourcing too….e.g. having a call center in the Philippines. In most cases the reason they haven’t done anything about the idea is because they just didn’t understand how really easy it is and the many advantages they would gain by doing so.

If you’re looking for a call center in the Philippines it’s pretty easy to find several listed on the internet. A few of them actually are pretty good too but the problem the business owner typically experiences when shopping for a call center in the Philippines via the internet is that he/she has no way of verifying the validity of the information they see on the web page.

The other problem that many small to medium sized US businesses experience when shopping for a call center in the Philippines is that they aren’t large enough to get the attention of the larger, well established, well run call centers in the Philippines. Those call centers typically cater to very large clients who contract for 200 seats or more and pay top dollar. Small the medium sized companies don’t have such budgets and their requirements (initially at least) are much smaller.

There is a second tier of call centers in the Philippines who, although they can do a good job, simply don’t have the web visibility and/or competent marketing support to ‘sell’ to US clients. The Filipino way of doing business isn’t quiet as aggressive as the US way and often US potential clients get the impression that Filipino management is too passive.

That’s another reason why it’s a very smart idea for US clients to invest the time and money to come over to the Philippines (i.e. Manila) to actually meet some potential call center managers and key figures before making a decision. The relationship between the call center and the US client need to be very open and responsive.

Those are a couple of tips for anyone considering contracting with a call center in the Philippines. There’s more…..but that’s a start.